IT career instead of online games
We teach programming to children from 5 to 17 years old
A hobby that leads to an interesting and popular future profession
Programming instead of games and YouTube

This is a great way for a child to master the profession of the future

Choose a convenient time - we will adapt to you
Study where it's convenient - at home, on the street, in a cafe
Our task is to ensure that the child starts programming immediately
What do we give the child?
The hobby will become useful, mental development will accelerate, and coding will become simple and understandable
✧Useless sticking in games will turn into an interesting project
✧Will try something new
✧Develops system thinking and imagination
✧Pumps attention
✧Learn to ask the right questions
✧Create your own online game or program
5-11 years
12-15 years
16-18 years
✧Learn how to launch and present a personal project
✧Will receive the base necessary for development in the IT industry
✧Learn to plan and be independent
✧Will begin to focus on the task and the result
✧Understand the principles of coding, and learn to use them correctly
✧Master the programs necessary for a successful start of a career in IT
✧Understands the principles of work in IT projects
✧With the help of the teacher, choose a programming language that will bring a high and stable income in the future
✧Create your own business card project
✧A personal portfolio will work
In the first free lesson:
The child will create his mini-project
Will be interested in programming and will take his first step in
IT industry
We will determine the level and select the direction
The child will show what he is capable of and choose the ideal programming language for him
The courses we offer
More lessons - less price per lesson
Number of lessons
Group (4-6 students)
76 €
42,1 €
152 €
84.24 €
342 €
189,54 €
684 €
379 €
Why us?
  • Professional young team
    Classes are conducted exclusively by practicing programmers with experience
  • Lessons in 3 languages
    The child can choose which language to study in: Ukrainian, Russian or English
  • Individual approach
    Learning at a convenient time, individually or in groups of up to 4 children (choice). The program is selected according to the character and temperament of the student
  • Stability
    The trial lesson is conducted by the teacher with whom the student will study in the future
A young team of professionals
For 17 months of work
On "you" with the digital world
1000+ happy customers
We conduct 1700+ lessons
Experienced team
15 teachers, practicing IT specialists
About us
United for the sake of one goal - to help children learn new literacy
Our approach to work is to give customers quality and value. All our teachers have, at least, 5 years of experience in the IT field. We love our work!
We work in 32 countries of the world, and we do not stop there.

We have several training formats: individual, group
⚪Classes are held at a time convenient for the child in the format of an online conference in ZOOM
⚪Each teacher not only provides theoretical knowledge, but also becomes a mentor in the digital world, taking into account the individuality of the child
⚪At the end of each lesson, the child receives homework, which is carefully checked by the teacher
⚪Already after the first month, the child will write his own program, which he can use as a case in his portfolio
How do we teach?
Teacher selection
Our teachers are practicing specialists with more than 5 years of experience
The first lesson is free
Get a personal consultation from a teacher, lasting 45 minutes, free of charge
Transparent work
You know what you are paying for and can monitor your child's academic progress
It's easy to start programming

«The only way to do something really well is to love what you do»
Steve Jobs
  • Alexandra Ignatiuk

    Anton is delighted and so are we. He tries and tries to understand even the theory, new terms. The main thing is that the learning process brings him pleasure. He is looking forward to the next lesson.

  • Olesya Kulik

    Thank you! I believe that such courses are gold, especially for boys. And it really just stuck on YouTube before. Now is another matter.

  • Tatiana Demchuk

    Hleb likes everything very much. Here's what he says now: "cool, educational, interesting!"

  • Halyna

    Nicholas likes it! In his free time, he sits in the program, tries to do something himself. I see his curiosity.

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